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Hyperbole poems

use hyperbole in a sentence

Here you'll find How to use hyperbole in a sentence.

After watching the movie, he said he'd never sleep again.
That cat is as big as a whale.
I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.


# "she broke a chisel trying to get it off last night!"
# "she looks like my grandmother!"
# "that I haven't seen her real face for years ..."
# "you could scrape off just the outer layer and put it on five other girls."
# "she bought out Mary Kay just to have enough makeup for one day!"
# "the artist formerly known as Prince gets ideas from her."
# "Marilyn Manson freaked out when he saw her!"
# "she could pass as a clown at the circus."
# "when she takes it off, my mom doesn't recognize her."
# "she has to use a sandblaster to get it off at night."
# "when she smiles her cheeks fall off."
# "when she takes it off she loses 30 pounds!"
# "she leaves a colour trail behind her when she walks!"
# "at night she has to get the paint scraper to take it off."
# "she weighs 50 pounds more when she's done!"
# "you can't tell where the face begins and ends!"
# "when she smiles, cracks the size of the Grand Canyon form in the surface."
# "by the time she gets it all on, it's time to take it off!"

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